SciLink is dedicated to the process of life-long learning and personal empowerment. Conflicts between family members have strong parallels with conflicts between communities and cultures. The processes of understanding and healing these conflicts among family members and communities have many things in common.


Our young country of Canada is a family of many communities and cultures. We have passed collectively through the cruelties of childhood, and the false confidences of adolescence. In entering young adulthood, we have many lessons to learn from the pain of our youth.


We have the potential to heal our wounds and build a strong future with a strong identity built from a deeper understanding of the ancient roots and needs of our older Indigenous siblings and the strengths of our many cultural brothers and sisters.


Our separate families have the potential to love and nurture our children with the added insights of modern research and the sharing of information through multiple media.


Projects on SciLink aspire to facilitate the kind of educational communication that supports the process of growth and development through compassionate understanding between individuals, families, communities and cultures.